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Cuvee Brut

Sparkling Wine

Our cuvée is a blend of Chardonnay & Pinot Noir with a beautiful golden bronze hue that just beckons for an excuse to celebrate.

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Just in time for the holidays – the release of our first-ever sparkling wine! Our cuvée is a blend of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay with a beautiful golden bronze hue that just beckons for an excuse to celebrate.  Produced in the  "Method Champenoise" technique, each varietal is harvested before traditional white wine grapes, at a relative low sugar and high acid content. A base wine is created and blended with other components to make a cuvée.  The cuvée then undergoes a second fermentation that produces tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide. The bottles are then riddled and the lees discarded. Before corking the bottles once again, they are topped with a "dosage" -- a mixture of base wine, sucrose and sulfur dioxide -- to help preserve the wine. The wine is then aged for a determined amount of time - for this wine, 16 months. The dosage will determine how sweet the sparkling wine will be – in our case enough to make a brut! Our Cuvée Brut pairs with bubbling personalities and holiday dishes. Considering serving or gifting some for the holidays? Purchase some soon as we did not make nearly enough!